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Teach yourself how to draw!

Then host a portrait drawing contest with your friends and family, either in person if you’re with them, or over facetime/zoom! Everyone votes on whose portrait is the best. Or worst.

Or funniest.

Here are some tutorials to start with.

Write a song.

Don’t overthink it.

But if you really don't know where to start,

click here for help. 

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Learn how to do a cartwheel!

If you know how to do one, learn how to do a handstand.

If you know how to do both, you clearly are a superior being.

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Play some cards.

Play poker with friends.

or solitaire if alone.

Play online with friends.

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Explore America’s
National Parks.

With just the internet. Start your adventure here.

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Learn a Tiktok dance.

Here are some suggestions:

Savage by Meg Thee Stallion

Captain Hook by Meg Thee Stallion

Like That by Doja Cat

If dancing is not your thing (it's definitely not mine),

make some Tiktoks doing things you like to do! 

ie. art, exercise, being funny, anything!

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Create your post-quarantine bucket list.

Or resolutions. Here's some inspiration. Make 'em good! (and share it.)

Read a book.

That book you’ve had half-finished for about a year, 

now’s the time to finish it.

Or find a book here.

(This website sources books when U.S. copyright expires. There are many other websites to find free books online, but I didn't tell you that.)

Some of my personal favorites are:

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

A Brief History of 7 Killings by Marlon James

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

1984 by George Orwell

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Do this simple yoga flow.

Control your breath and feel the world slow down.

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Start journaling.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy: just write. There are a lot of emotions flowing around and this is a good way to acknowledge and release them.

Look here for inspiration.

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Learn a language!

Start here.

Or finish learning that language that you told yourself you would learn and started on Duolingo a year ago, but

never got past the basics.

Take an igtv exercise class.  

Most major brands like Barry's and Equinox are offering them for free via their instagram accounts.


There are plenty of great youtube workout classes as well for just about any topic. (This youtuber, Madfit, has a bunch of workouts coordinated to songs!)

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Whatever it is your passion is, make it. Designers build your portfolio. Musicians play. Writers write. Coders code. No excuses.

If you don't know what your passion is, that's ok too! Now's the time to explore yourself and your interests. Try everything! And don't be afraid to make mistakes.

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Create instruments out of objects 

There of plenty of viable options even just with household items!

ie. A rubber band and a paper towel roll. Here are some ideas!

Then, make a band and make some music!

This dude makes music out of carrots!

Write a letter

A good old-fashioned letter. To someone you love, someone you miss, someone you’re not over.

Whether you send it or not, that’s up to you.

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Update your resume.

Or if you don’t have one, make one.

I know this one is boring but trust me, it’s worth it. Use this time wisely and stay on top of your game.

Thanks for Reading! 

Now go and do!

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