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These are the 3D AR filters I have created for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. My portfolio can be accessed by clicking the title link. 

.02 The Other Juice

blood orange.jpg

    A concept piece for a new product line called The Other Juice. When I spent a semester in Italy, I was enamored by their wide variety of juice choices, ranging from blueberry juice to peach juice. I believe their wide variety of juices exist because of the seasonality of Italian grocery stores, and the only way to preserve fruits out of season would be to juice them. So, it was a sustainable and fun option to help introduce variety in diet despite the seasonality of produce.

     I wanted to diversify the fruit options in the United States as well, following a sustainable and healthy mission statement, and created this theoretical product idea. Perhaps we could follow a similar track to sustainability and greatly reduce the importing of produce by converting to seasonal produce. 

.03 Typographic Manual

page 2 from typo book.jpg

   A redesign concept for Adobe's typography primer. Incorporated a youthful and bright appearance into something purely informational and therefore focused less on the design aspect of it, therefore changing it completely. Transforming the context of this manual gives it another life and changes the meaning of what it means to be a manual. 

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