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An electric car charging company with the mission of increasing accessibility to public electric car charging as well as enhancing car charging technology.

The Task

Assist the Concept Farm in building the pitch to land Electrify America as a client. Craft social media ads, web ads, OOH ads, web pages, and pamphlets. 

The Webpages and Pamphlets

Based on our customer personas (Persona 1 who is less knowledgable about tech and Persona 2 who is very knowledgable), I drafted multiple websites, info pages, and pamphlets based on the interest level and knowledge of each persona. 

The Ads

Keeping with the consumer personas, I drafted ads for email, web, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube based on each persona's needs and wants. 

The Emails

I created multiple engaging email notifications and graphics to notify and update target consumer personas on the latest deals and events. 

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